Poopsheet Foundation Mini Comics Database Reaches 10,000th entry

Mini-comics and fanzine historical archive site Poopsheet Foundation has catalogued it’s milestone 10,000th entry.


The honors for entry #10,000 go to Steven Ogden’s reference work, The Brad W. Foster Checklist of Published Works from the 20th Century (1972-2000). That checklist, by the way, contains 2,800 entries just for Brad Foster. And he’s only one man! Or so they say. But that may give you some idea of how much work is still left to be done at the Database.

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Online Commitment For Our Public

The indy comics cyberscape is an overwhelming rabbit hole. With obscure and specific anthologies, yawn-inducing autobiographical drivel, and a bunch of stuff you just don’t have time for. 

Well, we here at Gimmeshelter Press are commited to cutting through the noise and our special correspondents are dedicated to making sure you get the information you fiend for on the daily. 

Make sure you subscribe because we now have one of the top content strategists in the game on our staff of consultants! 

Yes, more about that later, things are going to get really interesting around here very soon! 

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