Bozo’s tag

Gimmeshelter Press is the publishing arm of the cartoonist known as Bozo.

Bozo is the same person as Aaron Norhanian. His 2010 graphic novel debut, The Sinister Truth: MK-Ultra, written by Jason Ciaccia, was listed among the 10 best  graphic novels of 2010 by The Village Voice. His comics have been published in The New York Press, The Village Voice, and by Fantagraphics Books, among others.

His Graphic novel “Killing Castro” is now available from Caliber Comics.

Bozo’s mini-comic “Bad Energy” was included in Fantagraphics Book’s “Treasury of Mini-Comics”


Norhanian has worn many hats.

Bozo, er…that is…Aaron, lives in New York with his lovely wife and daughter. He is a branding and packaging designer most of the time. He is also an animator, has worked in the film industry, designed theme park attractions, and produced television shows.