Barflies Collection – Volume 1



2 thoughts on “Barflies Collection – Volume 1

  1. Jack North

    You know I love these…”time keep on slippin, it do, it really do”…”help me”…”cartoon violence”…

    Some of these are very, very funny. Some are witty. Some are existential.

    I still say, if these were on the net for people to just pop in and enjoy a few…you’d be getting a following quick. Are there any free online galleries or slideshows, or even contests to enter some of these? Does The Onion do panel strips? These all work as stand a-lones.

    April, I know you’re busy…but what kind of a site are we looking for? Are blogs still a thing? Do you have any ideas of how to resent these things to a wider audience? Can he set up a BarFlies account on Twitter and just put up one graphic tweet a week? Is that a thing? If so, we can figure out tags and such to try to get some views. Hopefully people will retweet and do whatever people do. (Or am I thinking about YouTube, where you can actually build a following and make money? Do people do that on Twitter? Is there something like YouTube for non-video content? That’s not Pinterest, is it?)

    I’m gonna go google…

    Love ya, Daddy


  2. Jack North

    They’re still not big enough. Really, it’s not just ‘cause I’m an old fart. Each panel should show up as big as the overall strip. Four separate panels, then some kind of break, then four separate panels for the next strip.

    Somehow, it’s got to be easier for people to see.



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