Bad Energy – Good Review.

Another great review for Bad Energy, courtesy of Midnight Fiction.

Bad Energy by Aaron Norhanian

The experts advise, “Write what you know.” Obviously, Aaron Norhanian knows mini comix. This over-the-top mini is all about the adult male cartoonist who—honest to God—wastes an inordinate amount of his time creating, publishing, and then trying to sell his tiny cartoon book to an uncaring, uninterested, much larger, real world.

Fortunately, there is a niche world where this sort of thing is actually celebrated, and Bad Energy is exactly the type of mini its citizens crave. As you might guess, Bad Energy is full of ‘tude, exaggerated slapstick, and yes, plenty of energy.

Norhanian is a fine cartoonist. His grotesquely charming characters flail across the pages as the desperate panels seek to contain them. The story grows wilder and more out of control as it charges forward to its inevitable closing response. It ends badly—but in a really good, bad way.

Norhanian is a capable writer and storyteller. The story’s flow is fast paced and crystal clear, a nice combination of spontaneity and planning. I particularly enjoyed his clever placement of the narration in select panels.

Go check out all the cool mini comics news and reviews over at Midnight Fiction. It’s extensive.


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